Written and directed by: Filippo Tommasoli
Sound: Peter Leach
Produced by: Alpenway Media GmbH
Distributed by: RAI, GEO

Sabina, Davide, and Matteo live and work on Monte Baldo, a mountain massif in the Gardesane pre-Alps between the provinces of Trento and Verona, characterized at the same time by great botanical and wildlife diversity, abandonment by historical residents, and an increase in mass tourism that threatens its environmental and naturalistic integrity. The protagonists of this documentary are young boys and girls who have chosen to stay or return to their mountain, not only as an individual life choice, but also with the goal of accomplishing a task. Their common goal is one: sustainability. They want to protect the land from potentially disastrous future development by building their activities and existences in harmony with the nature, plants, and animals that inhabit their mountain. By tying themselves to ancient products and processing methods, combined with modern studies and research and a boundless love for their land, they know who they are and who they want to be: the guardians of Mount Baldo.